A Small Fish in a Big Pond

It's pretty daunting when you're just starting out, right? So many uncertainties and questions such as "What will my brand look like"?,  "How do I reach my target audience"? and more importantly, "Where do I start"? 

Being all too familiar with those feelings not too long ago (and still those feelings now at times!) I hope by sharing my thoughts, that may give you a little hope when you too are  feeling like a small fish in a big pond. 

Instagram - The key to getting yourself out there! It's a wonderful mix of a warm, welcoming crafting community and a never ending sea of inspiration. It's also the key to getting yourself out there and start being noticed for the amazing work you do. Behind all those 'hundred like' posts which are expertly put together and beautifully staged, they are regular people just like us mere mortals! It may seem like an obvious thing when you think about it but it's worth mentioning, just to take a minute, sit back and be like "Oh yeah!". So, it goes to show with a bit of careful planning, you too can take beautifully staged pictures which really show off your craftyness to it's fullest! 

Engagement - Communities don't just happen, they require time and effort. We're all guilty of it but next time you're scrolling through your Instagram feed - take the time to like and comment with words of encouragement on your fellow crafters posts - it's these comments that really give warm fuzzy feelings and the sense of purpose when we're being praised for the work we do! 

OK, so now you've established what your brand will look like (but don't forget, it's OK to take a change in direction.. I certainly have!). You're there..ready and waiting to post. #Tagsarekey It's how you reach out to new audiences and people who may be interested in your stuff! It may seem obvious to the 'social savvy' amongst us, but don't forget, we're all different and some of us are completely new to this! Take your time, do some research and chose your tags wisely (or 30 to be precise).

After writing this, it's apparent that I could do with taking a leaf out of my own book! That's it for now, I hope I've managed to provide you with a little "oomph", so you can go away and feel confident in the crafts you do. Remember, we all feel like a small fish in a big pond but you've got this! You can do it!

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